the session

Okay, so you have decided to book a session.  Now what?!

I have answered some frequently asked questions to help you plan your session!


How do I book my session?

Simply let me know you would like to book a photo session, what dates work best for you, and what type of session you are looking for through my contact page. You can also email me at For wedding photography, please send me your date and venue location and I will send you my detailed package list and wedding contract with more information.


Do you require a retainer?

I do require a deposit  (which is a part of your total session fee) upfront to hold your session spot for regular sessions. This will be an invoice sent via Email. There is a retainer fee for wedding photography. This is required to hold your wedding date when we sign your contract.


What time of day should I schedule my session for?

I typically prefer to hold my outdoor sessions in the early morning (sunrise or about 2 hours after) or late afternoon, about an hour or two before sunset. We don’t want glaring sun in your eyes, and the times I have listed offer the best lighting. If you have little ones with set napping schedules, sometimes I will work around that as it is easier to get great photos of your little one if he or she is in a good mood! If you have a marketing or in an office studio session, we can schedule your session any time of day.


Where will my session be held?

I mainly photograph outdoors but do lifestyle shoots in family homes, product shots in my studio, and can travel to your home or business.

The majority of my sessions are on location outdoors: your choice or I have an extensive list of favorite spots. I love the natural light and the freedom to move without restriction. This is especially helpful with little ones on the go!


What should we wear?

The days of everyone wearing the same white shirt and jeans are gone! Individuality is in, but color coordination is still very important for family shoots. The goal is to have everyone complement each other, but not be too “matchy-matchy.” Try to avoid big logos on t-shirts, but don’t be afraid of colors, textures, or patterns.


There are so many options for color schemes, so my first suggestion is to think about where you will display your photos and coordinate your color scheme to that room.  If the room has a neutral color scheme or if that doesn’t matter to you, find a piece of clothing that you love and build from there. Layers and texture look great in a photo. Adding a blazer or fun scarf not only makes the picture look more complete, but you can drop the layers toward the end of the shoot for a completely different look. 


It's all in the details! Decide upon your accent color and add that color to your jewelry, shoes, undershirts, scarf, tights, and hair bows. It adds that extra flair you need to make for a fun, unique picture. But remember, the most important detail is to be you! 


Need more inspiration? Pinterest has TONS of ideas for coordinating outfits.

Remember, I am here for you as well if you have any questions. I love helping clients put together outfits, so feel free to email me pictures of what you are thinking of wearing and I will happily help you and give you feedback.


Didn’t find the answer to your question?  Fill out a contact form on my contact page, or email me at and I’ll be happy to help.